tommy landers (youarepeterpan) wrote in stoplivejournal,
tommy landers

sitting in the car, driving it, wondering if this is the last car i drive, the last trip i take, and on the CD player is the band that makes the sounds that Weezer makes, and it sounds like

I've got an electric guitar
I play my stupid songs
I write these stupid words
And I love every one
Waiting there for me
Yes I do...
I do.........

and i drive and it rains and i pound my hand onto the steering wheel, so excited to hear the song, i shake in my seat, smiling smiling smiling, rock n' rolling back and forth and singing along and wailing away, and then i see, i pull up, and here i stop because i've pulled up behind

an ambulance.

and there i see her...

the light inside the vehicle
shines out,
and the light shines
onto my eyes,
and the image i see

is her

this face of a woman,
what was a woman
what is now an old lady
white face,
white hair,
eyes clenched shut

in agony

the image sinks..

my eyes become
the surface of a vast ocean,
and she becomes
this 90 year old raft,
of withering bark,
no more sail to catch the wind..
never will it sail again..
this bark crumbles to dust
and sinks into my ocean

and her agony..

joins my ecstacy..

and we are alive,
but not for long.

and we are alive.

but not for long.....


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